Reopening 25th July Q&A (updated 26 July 2020)


Q: What are the post lockdown opening hours?

A: Excluding holiday periods.

Mon – Fri              7.00am – 9.00pm

Sat & Sun             9.00am – 6.00pm


We will review the above times at regular periods and hopefully return to pre-lockdown opening hours as soon as possible.

Weekday opening time has been amended from 7.30am to 7.00am (26 July update)


Q: When will my Direct Debit payments resume?

A:  All direct debits (DDs) have been frozen since 25th March, these will all be unfrozen and restarted on the 25th July as we reopen.

If you do not wish to return to the gym yet please contact Harlands (our DD collection agents) on 01444449162 to refreeze your membership, if you do not do this payments will automatically restart from 25th July and will not be refunded under any circumstances.


Q: How do I enter the gym safely?

A.  We will be providing sanitising stations around the gym with a clear system in place for navigating the gym.


Q: How long can I stay in the gym?

A.  Please keep your workouts to a maximum of 90 minutes.


Q: Will I be able to have personal training sessions?

A:  Yes, personal training sessions are available as normal but please adhere to Government social distancing guidelines.


Q: Are you limiting numbers the number of people exercising at one time?

A:  Yes, we are limiting capacity so that we can provide a safe post lockdown environment.  


Q: Will I be able to train with a friend?  Is spotting allowed?

A:  You may only train with friends or family if they are from the same household.  The same rules apply to spotting in the gym.


Q: Have you got a booking system for gym and classes?

A:  We will not have a pre-booking system as we reopen but this may change if the gym becomes too busy at peak times (at 23,000 sq ft we are bigger than most clubs!).

For classes the studio will have a capacity of 15 places which will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 


Q: How will you be keeping the gym clean and safe?

A:  We have increased our cleaning schedule and reduced our opening hours to allow more times to deep clean the club and facilities. 

All staff are highly trained to implement safety measures effectively.


Q: Will I be able to use the changing rooms?

A:  Changing rooms will be open, however social distancing guidelines must be followed and members must wipe the benches after use.

The showers and saunas will not be in use following Government recommendations for these areas. 

Please come to the club in your training gear ready to exercise when possible.


The lockers in the changing rooms will not be in use, we have moved lockers into the main club area adjacent to reception to store bags and belongings, this is so that staff can ensure the lockers are cleaned by members after use.


Q: Are classes taking place?

A:  Yes. The class timetable has been amended and is available to view on this website.